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We believe our current public education design is not equipped to meet the needs of those who are being trained, and more importantly, those who are being served. Thus, we contend there must be a paradigm shift in how we define education and how we educate. Together, we can build the capacity of all stakeholders to create and sustain a safe and functional environment for all students and staff. 


Paradigm Shift Solutions sincerely believes that educators show up with the sincere desire to shape and mold all students academically and socially, and that students look for a safe place to grow with professionals that show love, provide support and help them reach and realize their maximum potential. 


However, current school structures are not designed to meet the needs of the students and families they are serving. Some students, families and educators show up with untreated trauma which breeds a toxic environment and limits potential. Hurt people are hurting people.  

Paradigm Shift Solutions, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, provides support to heal the hurt and restore and sustain relationships. In order to make a paradigm shift, our mission is to build capacity to meet the needs of those we serve.




(Small and Large Groups)

Introduction to Restorative Practices


Building and Sustaining Resilient Educational Environments

Resilience-Based Restorative Practices

Dean Conflict Resolutions and Mediation Training

Trauma Care Training for Students and Staff

Facilitating Restorative Circles


Facilitating Restorative Conferences

Creating and Sustaining a Culturally Relevant Environment

Culturally Relevant Practices


Teaching, and Pedagogy


Resilience-Based Restorative Practices

Building Resiliency

Leadership at All Levels


Culture and Climate


Trauma Care Strategies



Resilience-Based Restorative Practices

Dean Conflict Resolutions and Mediation

Policy Development, Planning

Coaching (Individual and/or groups)

Classroom Instruction

– Community Building

– Behavior Support 



Restorative Meditations and Conflict-Resolution Sessions

– Schools (student-to-student, staff-to-staff, student-to-staff and families)

– Businesses, Institutions and Organizations

– Individuals



Trauma-Based Support Model for Discipline

Resilience/Restorative Instructional School Model

Parent Power Plan – A Model for Parent and Family Engagement

All Paradigm Shift Solutions are specially tailored for the audience and needs of the organization. PSS works with public and private businesses, institutions and organizations as well as K-12 education communities.



Stephen Shepherd

Stephen Shepherd is a leader, consultant, coach, motivational speaker and lifelong educator. His steadfast belief in both the individual and collective human spirit, guides him as he serves, and has served, thousands of students, families and educators. In his 20 plus years in the educational field, Stephen has gained great insight into what it takes to restore and sustain relationships that create a healthy and vibrant organizational culture.

Through Paradigm Shift Solutions, Stephen provides organizations with the logic and strategies needed to build and sustain powerful community connections between stakeholders.  His approach is rooted in the core belief that the current models and designs for public education are not equipped to meet the needs of those who are being served and/or trained in education.


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