All Paradigm Shift Solutions are specially tailored for the audience and needs of the organization. PSS works with public and private businesses, institutions and organizations as well as K-12 education communities.



Stephen Shepherd

Stephen Shepherd is a leader, consultant, coach, motivational speaker and lifelong educator. His steadfast belief in both the individual and collective human spirit, guides him as he serves, and has served, thousands of students, families and educators. In his 20 plus years in the educational field, Stephen has gained great insight into what it takes to restore and sustain relationships that create a healthy and vibrant organizational culture.

Through Paradigm Shift Solutions, Stephen provides organizations with the logic and strategies needed to build and sustain powerful community connections between stakeholders.  His approach is rooted in the core belief that the current models and designs for public education are not equipped to meet the needs of those who are being served and/or trained in education.


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