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We see testimonials for Paradigm Shift Solutions and Stephen Shepherd as gifts. Thank you for sharing with us, and we are honored by your testimonials of Stephen Shepherd's work as a restorative practices coach and consultant.


Stephen was clear, gave examples, and used current data to back up all assertions. It was one of the best PD [professional development] I've attended in 35 years.

Debra Shropshire, Teacher, St. Paul Public Schools

The anecdotes/examples were very engaging, and Mr. Shepherd is generally a very dynamic speaker! I thought it was very effective how he shared his personal experiences with us. It was a good mental reset that helped me shift my perspective.

Katherine Miller, Counselor, St. Paul Public Schools

Positivity while keeping it real!

Julie Baker, Teacher, St. Paul Public Schools

Mr. Shepherd was amazing. His passion and demeanor during the PD kept me engaged and wanting more. [We received] a tool that can better guide practices already in place.

Andy Bastian, Teacher, St. Paul Public Schools

…[Stephen] was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about RP (Restorative Practice). Content was excellent.


Rene Myers, Intervention Specialist, St. Paul Public Schools

Our work in urban education is long and difficult. We struggle to disrupt negative patterns and afford all students hope and opportunities. Stephen Shepherd has been an incredibly valuable partner in this endeavor throughout this school year. Mr. Shepherd brings a passion for equity and a problem-solving approach that inspires action. He is able to organize and structure a strategic, systemic approach to change while also being able to engage students and staff directly to further impact our work. Stephen's commitment to more equitable ends has made our school culture more inclusive and democratic.

Michael Bradley, Principal, Minneapolis Public Schools

Stephen Shepherd’s willingness to mediate conflict among students was very helpful in creating a culture of conflict resolution rather than violence.  His ability to serve as a problem solver has helped us establish stronger relationships with some of our families. He is an open communicator and makes himself available to serve as a thought partner.  


Crystal D. Ballard, Assistant Principal, Minneapolis Public Schools


…[Stephen] presented with great skill and compassion – I felt [he was] always in control of the circle and very forthright in reaffirming the task of restoration.  I appreciated the opportunity each of us had to safely disclose the harm we endured. Overall, it was a valuable experience.

Sheila Webb, Social Worker, Minneapolis Public Schools

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